Recently I hosted a German girl on couchsurfing, and I was totally expecting it to be a smooth and connected experience like it has been in the past nine months. As always, I got a nice smack on the face as a gentle wake up lol.

I went hitchhiking with her to a local waterfall and I think I pressed the wrong buttons because she was completely offended when I spoke about being spiritual. Apparently I came across as insensitive and rude. I genuinely didn't think so, and it shocked me since I hadn't gotten a feedback like this in a very long time but after a bit of talking and uncovering, I realized she was totally in the space to feel that way because of her beliefs.

My German friend had a dysfunctional relationship with her parents and she didn't do well when it comes to learning stuff from other people and I totally get where she came from. I apologized, and she went on to say she was disappointed in how everything turned out, but it was ok because we're all in different frequencies which means we probably won't all align.

So the next time you have a conflict with someone, just remember it's probably just a reminder for you to accept something you haven't come to peace with yet, and it's all just a part of the process.


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