The title means don't be sad in English and one of my friends told me that today before she left to go back to Costa Rica.

I've been connecting with a lot of people this year and even more these past months. It had been easier saying goodbye before because I know it was happening on a daily basis. So it kinda became normal.

Recently, it's been a little different since I have been connecting with people more in terms of ego, so attachment became a thing again. Connecting with the ego is something I'm doing because I now kinda know that I slowly need to connect with the outer being before getting deep into the inner being. Maybe someday I'll be God and be able to skip this part lol but right now it's very fun to learn someone's programming and connect ego-wise.

I feel so grateful to have the chance to experience so much in so little time and even more grateful for my friends. Many thanks to everyone reminding me exactly what needs to be reminded.

I won't be sad anymore. Instead, I'll try to be happy for the experience.


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