Here's an idea. What if everything you're seeing right now is super blurry. I'm talking: level 10 blurriness.

That means that your thoughts, your feelings, your job, your purpose in life, everything... are not in focus and don't really matter.

What if... by putting some new perception glasses, you can somehow see everything as it truly is... fundamentally.

The subjective stuff you think is important, like your Instagram followers or your house or money is all really unimportant.

Objectively, all that is left after all that blurry stuff is removed, is just you. You and the rest of human beings. There is no more chasing or wanting.

What if that's our natural state of being? What if everything you've naturally been gravitated towards is your way of begging for clear vision that comes with a fresh pair of glasses?

What would happen if you borrowed someone else's perception glasses before we got one for ourselves? Or maybe you can find one up in the mountains somewhere.

What if?


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