There's power in traveling in numbers. If traveling as a couple, you can save money by being smart with your purchasing habits and doing a little research.

Saving money while traveling can be as simple as reducing the total budget by leveraging the power that comes in traveling as a pair. I'll share with you my practical tips we learned on our last two trips to Peru and Belize.

Save money by camping

After confirming the place wanted to visit together, we had to figure out where we'd stay. Unfortunately accommodation was hard to find since it was a busy weekend. So we opted to take the road trip with no reservations. We drove to the little town with only basic food and sleeping bags.

It was an excellent choice since we found a camping ground right outside the small town and literally paid $10.00 USD a night for a tent, parking space and access to a bathroom. And the hosts were extremely hospitable. They even offered us home-cooked meals at a discounted price.

Stay outside the touristy zones

Upon arriving to the main town, we quickly realized this was not our scene. Why? Well it was way overcrowded, and we had vendors begging for us to buy their services. We immediately left that town and went to a nearby village where it was night and day. The people were treating us like friends and not like a quick sale.

Ask the locals for advice

Most, if not all our trip was heavily influenced by the friendly people we met. How did we find a camping ground? By asking the locals on the street. We also asked our host for food recommendations, and they gave us the popular joint in town as well. They couldn't direct us to a vegan friendly place, but that was asking for too much 😅.

Skip Airbnb, message directly

One of the coolest tricks we learned on this trip was negotiating. We found amazing, budget friendly accommodation that was completely booked, but we messaged them either way. They were kind enough to offer us different rooms. And when we didn't like the platform, we found their website and messaged them directly. No shitty Airbnb fees! Win Win.

Share everything.

Traveling alone is cool but moving around with a partner is cheaper from our experience. You can share a room, share a meal and even share transportation costs in some cases. It gets even better though.

We can also buy groceries for the entire week and share the weight! Having two mouths to feed means food doesn't go bad as well. We also found that booking a guest house with a kitchen saves a load of cash since we cook all our meals. There's power in the number two, so we should maximize it.

Find a vibe, stick with it

Although it was only our first trip, we already knew how we wanted to travel. We wanted to experience a town like local. To eat, talk and live like them. And while searching for accommodation, tours or experiences, you can immediately feel the vibe. If your host is the actual owner, that makes it better in most cases since there's extra love put into everything.

Travel during the week

After the weekend is over, most tourist zones are empty. The flock of tourists go back to their 9 to 5, and you can potentially enjoy a quiet and relaxed stay. Traveling during the week might even present discounts. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Until next time :)

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