It's such a simple question why you do something. But it dictates everything. I always asked my traveler friends why they did it, but now I'm turning the mic to myself. After a nice brainstorming session, I think I have the answers.

I think it all started when I hosted my very first couchsurfer back in 2017. I wrote my very first blog post explaining that I had discovered the secret to life lol.

What happened though?

Discovering the secret to life is a bold claim. But it was merely a sort of awakening. My ego dissolved to the point that I felt connected to everyone and everything, also known as love.

This love was so impactful that it became my reason for everything, including traveling. I want to share it with everyone. It was infectious. I just wanted to show that love and compassion can erase just about any problem.

More reasons why I travel

  1. Share love and compassion with everyone
  2. Make a powerful connection with another person
  3. Taste new food and learn about different cuisines
  4. Meet beautiful women
  5. Learn new skills from different people
  6. Meet weird people, so I can be comfortable around any situation
  7. Resolve internal traumas
  8. Learn to be grateful for everything and anything
  9. Inspire other people to try new things by being an extreme example
  10. Be relatable with just about anyone


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